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The Story of Hawks Landing Estates

By David & Jennifer Hawkins - Developers











Our Story…

Hawks Landing Estates began carving its way through the rolling hills of Beaver Lake in 2013 but the dream of this beautiful lake front development started years before in the imagination of a young boy.  David Hawkins, Founder of Hawks Landing, began dreaming of this 90+ acre luxury development as a little boy while visiting his grandparents’ home on Beaver Lake.  Years of family reunions, summer vacations and ripping open Christmas presents on Christmas morning with the Hawkins family which traveled in from all over to be together quickly made this family estate a place of serenity and incredible memories. 


David’s father furthered this connection with Beaver Lake when he purchased 40 acres of adjacent property from the family estate and built the home he intended to retire in. After close to 10 years of enjoying lake life a group of investors approached several property owners and ambitiously offered to purchase 177 acres.  The property owners could not turn down such a generous offer so all sold to the investment group.  Over the next 3 years the company formed by the investors designed, marketed, and started ground work for what would have been the tallest building in all of Arkansas, and the only 21st century condominium development on Beaver Lake.  The initial building tower was situated on what was rightfully marketed as “the best piece of property on all of Beaver Lake”.  This was to be a very grand condominium development rivaling anything available in south central United States.


Without going into the details of the rise and fall of the condo company, it ran headlong into the economic crash of 2008 and was not able to weather the storm.  The property was foreclosed by the original owners and other investors over a period of 2 years.  David’s dream of developing the family estate and building a family estate of his own was once more alive and well.  David began negotiating with the condo investors and acquired 91 acres and established Hawks Landing Estates.  In 2014 David met and fell in love with his wife, Jennifer Hawkins, on the very property we are talking about today.  David and Jennifer’s love flourished as they spent time on the lake and working to develop the property together.  In 2016, David and Jennifer exchanged vows overlooking the very lake they fell in love on and now forever connecting Jennifer’s heart to the property David had been in love with for so many years. 
















About a year after their marriage, David and Jennifer, purchased his grandparent’s estate and added an additional 65 acres to Hawks Landing and spent the first couple years of their marriage remodeling the Hawkins Estate home where this all began all while still continuing the development of Hawks Landing.  Today Hawks Landing offers 22 lots plus areas dedicated to the Property Owners’ Association for basketball and tennis courts.  The individual lots range in size from 1.5 to over 4.0 acres m/l; some are lake view, some are lake front. The lake front lots are all zoned for private boat docks and all lots have the option to purchase a slip(s) in the community dock(s).

All lots have public water, electricity, and have been approved for latteral line septic systems.  All lots are accessed via a two lane asphalt paved streets from the main gate at Hawks Landing and Guyll Ridge Road (CR-75).  Hawks Landing is a covenanted community so home size and design is reviewed by the Architectural Control Committee.  Homes must be a minimum of 3,000 sq ft in size depending on lot.

Construction of the first community dock has been completed and is in place. The second community dock will be completed upon need.

Long-term development and care…

The Covenants and Restrictions have been developed to ensure homes of minimum size and architectural features will enhance the value of the property owners’ investment in Hawks Landing.  A Property Owners Association has also been documented and organized in such a manner as to further enhance our property owners’ lives and enjoyment of their homes, the lake, and future amenities.

Hawkins Family connection to Northwest Arkansas…


Harold Hawkins, David’s grandfather, was born in Rogers, Arkansas and Helen Hawkins, David’s grandmother, in Bentonville.  David’s grandfather’s childhood home, known as “The Hawkins House” was gifted to the City of Rogers and now serves as the Rogers Historical Museum located at 322 South Second Street.  


















David’s grandmother’s childhood home is also a well known historical marker, “The Peel Mansion” and is located in front of the Walmart Supercenter at 400 South Walton Blvd, in Bentonville. A great many civic and cultural activities are held in The Peel Mansion each year and the public is encouraged to visit. The Peel Mansion was named after David’s great great-grandfather, Colonel Samuel W. Peel of Civil War service in the Battle of Pea Ridge. 


David’s grandparents traveled extensively while with Amoco Oil Company; on one of their many trips back home in the ‘70s they purchased 80 acres near the then new Beaver Lake.  They purchased additional, adjacent acreage over the next few years accumulating property that the Hawkins Family used for over 40 years, and continues to use today.

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